Junkyard Jig

Junkyard Jig


Junkyard Jig is built to the specifications of one of the best Flippers and Pitchers the pro tours have ever seen.

SKU: BiffleJig


The Junk yard jig utilizes a short shank ultra sharp hook combined with rattles and stout weed guard. This bait is compact and packs a punch. It makes flippin’ in the thickest brush easy and allows you to get the big bites and haul them out of the brush piles. Check out the Junk Yard jig in 9 fish catching colors.


Model Wt (oz) Hook Action
Junkyard Jig 3/8oz. 3/8 River2Sea TM Short Shank X Strong 4/0 Sinking
Junkyard Jig 1/2oz. 1/2 River2Sea TM Short Shank X Strong 5/0
Junkyard Jig 3/4oz. 3/4 River2Sea TM Short Shank X Strong 5/0

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Weight N/A

1/2 oz., 3/4 oz., 3/8 oz.


01 Black Blue Flash, 02 Yellow Jacket, 03 Bama Bug, 04 Mud Bug, 05 Black & Blue, 07 Green Pumpkin, 08 Grass Craw, 09 Sooner Craw, 10 Cooter


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