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River2Sea Bubble Walker is a top water bait that can walk as well as pop.

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Don’t let the beauty confuse you, the Bubble Walker is a walking bait with a concave mouth to leave a bubble trail and tungsten rattles to attract the big ones where three premium trebles will grab them. Given the chance she will sashay her way into your tackle box; Bubble Walker will lure them in, and knock them dead.


Model Wt (oz) L (in) Hook Action
Bubble Walker 80 1 ⁄ 2 3 two Daiichi (BN) Treble #4 top water
Bubble Walker 128 1 1 ⁄ 4 5 three Daiichi (BN) Treble #2 #4 #2

Bubble Walker in Action

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Bubble Walker 128, Bubble Walker 80


23 Terminator, 28 Bluegill, 44 Chrome Black, G52R I Know It, G54R Abalone Shad, G55R Herring, G56R Ghost Minnow, G57R Sooner, G58R Powder, S48 Bone, S49 Loon


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