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Welcome back the River2Sea Diver Vibe. We are bringing the old school bait back with some new tricks. The bait is still one of the best deep water jigging baits around. With multiple features from the original bait coming back such as the ultra sharp River2Sea Treble Hook. You can still adjust the action and depth with the multiple position line ties. We also integrated some new accessories. Every Diver vibe comes with a blade to turn it into a tailspin. It gives the bait some more flash and vibration and allows the bait to be fished shallower and have a less aggressive fall. We also changed the rear hook from a treble hook to a DBL hook this makes changing to the blade easier as well as helps keep the fish pinned better and lessens the chance of that fish throwing the hooks. Some of our biggest fans from around the globe are very excited to see this bait come back.

*Blade is included with all baits.

Model Wt (oz) L (in) Hook Optional Action
Diver Vibe 65 7/8 2  1/2 River2Sea (BN) Treble #6 & Double #4 Willow Blade #3 1/2 sinking
Diver Vibe 80 1  1/2 3  1/4 River2Sea (BN) Treble #4 & Double #2 Willow Blade #4

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Diver Vibe 65, Diver Vibe 80


01 TS Minnow, 44 Chrome Black, 45 Laser Perch, 46 Bozo