Rig Walker


Built on the foundation of our widely popular Bottom Walker swimbaits, the new Rig Walker is built to perform on castable umbrella rigs everywhere.

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Available in two sizes, this may be one of the most versatile pre-rigged swimbaits on the planet. Rig Walker has a specially designed tail to create maximum vibration and kick, and the head shape creates an aggressive body wobble that attracts attention. Rig Walker is excellent for swimming through the shallows on its own, or rig them on your favorite castable umbrella rig like our Bumbershoot.


Model Wt (oz) L (in) Hook Pcs ⁄ Pk Action
WO-RW100 1 ⁄2 4 River2Sea (BN) 3X Strong #4/0 4 Slow Sinking
WO-RW120  1  4 3/4  River2Sea (BN) 3X Strong #4/0  3 Slow Sinking

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01 Herring, 02 Ice White, 03 Ghost Shad, 04 Silverside, 05 Table Rock Shad, 06 I Know It


Rig Walker 100, Rig Walker 120


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