River2Sea Introduces The Mad Yabbie

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River2Sea Introduces The Mad Yabbie

The Original Yabbie Evolves

RICHMOND, Calif., July 1, 2016 – Always on the cutting edge of design, River2Sea takes the next step in their soft plastic presentations, with the transformation of the original Stand’n Yabbie into the Mad Yabbie.
The Mad Yabbie’s soft plastic, double-ribbed body provides the perfect amount of water displacement, while it easily maneuvers through vegetation. Its attraction is its versatility.
The small claws and larger tentacles deliver a continuous, lifelike pulsation, allowing the creature bait to be fished as a stand-alone craw imitation or a plastic trailer. The appendages can be removed for a more compact, ultra-durable option for punchin’ or flippin’ rig.
The original Stand’n Yabbie came pre-rigged with a hook,” said Simon Chan, CEO of River2Sea. “By popular demand, the Yabbie is back; this time, without a hook to offer more options for the anglers.”
The Mad Yabbie is 3/8-oz with a slow sinking action. It runs 5-inches long and is ready-made for a 4/0 or 5/0 hook.
It is available in eight colors and comes six pieces to a pack.
Look for the Mad Yabbie to be unveiled at ICAST July 12 – 15 at the Orange County Convention Center; it and several other new products from River2Sea will make their public debuts in booth 3662 at the show.

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